Day 3 of Winterizing your home!

Welcome back for Day 3 of Winterizing your home. Today we are going to go outside and do a few things.

The first item on the list is to make sure any of you hoses are disconnected from the house. Make sure to move them around and get any water the remains out of the hose.(Put these away for the winter)

The second thing is to turn you non freeze hose bibs off for the winter. You will notice on the top of the hose bib there is a secondary knob. This is to turn the hose bib off on the warm side of the wall. Make sure all of the hose bibs have been turned off for the winter(this will keep the water from freezing and breaking the tap)

Next on the list is cleaning out the AC.temp-post-image

You will want to take a vacuum outside and clean out the AC. You can spray this off with the hose as well if you cant get inside the grills with the vacuum. After you remove the debris put your AC cover on for the winter.

The last thing on the list today is check on your downspouts. Always ensure that your downspouts are in the down position and if there is going to be any melting it will divert the water away from your home!