How do I choose?

Building a custom home involves making many decisions, including choosing your interior selections. Without professional guidance, it can be a confusing and lengthy process that can quickly feel overwhelming and take the fun out of designing your new custom home!


Decisions, decisions!

With Infiniti Master Builder, our Interior Design Team takes the time to carefully capture the vision you have for your new home, and then guides you every step of the way during your selection journey.

Many large production home builders offer ‘Home Design Centres’, where most of the selection items are housed together. Sounds great at first, until you realize that they offer only a small selection of materials and choices, which they’ve pre-selected based on popularity.

At Infiniti Master Builder, we recognize that every customer is unique, and we know that the most popular choices are not for everyone.


Lights Galore!

Instead, our Interior Designer accompanies you to all your appointments with our carefully-selected Trade Partners. During each visit, you will meet with the Trade Expert at their location, where you will have the opportunity to choose from ALL they have to offer. As well, by meeting directly with the Trade Expert, you can feel confident that you are getting professional knowledge on their specific products and services.
Remember, our Interior Designer will be right there with you to help you make the perfect choice!