Lighting Design

Designing a floor plan that is going to work for your family is not an easy task. But bringing the design to life starts during the interior selections of the home. When designing a home, you can make a big impact with careful lighting placement and selection. Good home lighting design can affect our moods, our productivity, our mental health and the quality of social life in our homes. The first step is to understand the lighting options that you have.

Area lighting provides general overall lighting in a room. Usually in home lighting design we use area lighting to replace the natural light once the sun has gone down ,or to increase the light level in a room lacking adequate natural light. (In the picture below we use pot lights to light the entire kitchen area)


Task lighting is used to illuminate the task at hand. This could be a floor lamp beside your favorite reading chair, the light on the kitchen vent hood over your stove top or the lamp on the retractable arm over your woodworking bench. (In the picture below we use a light over the gaming table to bring family game night to life)


Accent lighting is generally used to create a mood or to accent a particular object or area. (In the picture below we use LED rope lighting to highlight art pieces)


Along with our interior designer, we have partnered with Park Lighting and Tiger Electric to utilize their expertise to bring you the perfect lighting design for your new home. Come and see a few of these designs at our showhome in the Westpointe of Winderemere at 5114 Woolsey Link, visit our website at or call Greg at 587-986-7125 for more information.