The Advantages of Zone Heating

Do you live in a home the has a cold basement, and a hot upstairs? At Infiniti Master Builder, we are dedicated to building homes that not only look incredible but cost you less money to live in and make it more comfortable. One of the features we include in our homes in a multi zoned Carrier Infinity furnace.

Zone heating has a lot of advantages over Central heating systems simply because it saves homeowners an average of 20 to 30 percent on energy costs. This is because Central heating systems are designed to heat the entire house with the same temperature while a zone system heats only specific areas and saves on the rest. You can heat rooms that are used more during the day like your living room, kitchen and dining rooms and prevent usage of energy in bedrooms.

Also known as automatic balancing systems, zoning systems are the ultimate solution for comfort problems with lower energy costs. The system is designed to eliminate uncomfortable and annoying cold and hot spots in the house through the use of duct dampers and multiple thermostats serving a central HVAC unit. It offers the homeowner control over their heating and cooling any time of day or night. So the more zones, the more control you have over your heating and cooling. In today’s world with depleting fossil fuels and rising energy prices, it is very important that you are aware of how you heat and cool your home. You can practice heating and cooling rooms that are used the most rather than trying to heat the whole house with the same temperature. An efficient way to do this would be to supplement your central heating system with multiple thermostats for every room indoors. This ensures a reduction in energy consumption. The zoning system segments each area of your house to be individually controlled by a multi-zone heating/cooling controller.

The advantaged of zoning systems over central heating are:

  1. Efficiency – Save hundreds of dollars every year in heating and cooling costs with a well designed zoning system.
  2. Control – Adjust comfort levels indoors with a zone system. It can divide the house into different areas to heat and cool at specific temperatures with a programmable thermostat.
  3. Comfort – Without affecting other indoor area, the zone system can meet the specific temperature and airflow requirements of one room.
  4. Quiet Performance – Operating at lower speeds and less noise, the zone system can deliver optimum levels of working efficiency coupled with peak performance.

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