The Bungalow

We have been asked a lot lately if we build bungalows, as people don't see a lot of them being built in the City. The answer if a resounding yes, but it seems that most of bungalows we build are set out in the acreages areas surrounding Greater Edmonton. We find that when people have a little more room the bungalow seems to be the most popular choice.

Many of the questions about bungalows are coming from empty nest couples looking to remove the daily stair trek from their routine, but the bungalow is a great design for any family. With the basement development complete, it offers plenty of space for everyone in the family and their guests. Come and visit us at 5114 Woolsey Link to chat with us about design ideas,or give Greg a call at 587-986-7125

A beautiful craftsman bungalow being built in sturgeon county.