The soundtrack to your life!


Both of the founders of Infiniti Master Builder Inc., Greg Stearns and James Dyer, are avid musicians and believe that music is an integral part of every home.

That is why we have included a Sonos zone as a part of our specification. The Sonos sound system and app allow you and you family to enjoy music, audiobooks, podcasts and more. Any of your favorite streaming services are supported. Take a look at the video or call Greg at 587-986-7125 for more information.

Sonos. The Home Sound System. (UK)

Sonos is the home sound system that delivers all your sound to every room, with warm, full-bodied audio that's crystal clear at any volume. Sonos fills your home with music by combining incredible sound and rock-solid wireless performance in a smart system that's easy to set up, control, and expand.

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