Tired of your chilly basement?

Developing your basement can often be the best way to get the extra space you need without making your home bigger. But in typical homes that space can end up being cold and unpleasant. With an Insulated Concrete Form (included in the Infiniti Master Builder Specification) your basement ends up being one of the most energy efficient basements money can buy. This means more heat stays in, and you can enjoy that extra square footage without a blanket. Come and Visit us at 5114 Woolsey Link in the Westpointe of Windermere to find out more. Or call Greg now at 587-986-7125!!

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) by Amvic System

Amvic is the most user-friendly insulated concrete form product on the market due to its innovative design which increases speed of construction, reduces labor costs and provides the highest level of performance during and after installation.