What is an HRV?

As we build our homes more airtight, increasing the efficiency and helping lower our monthly energy bills, one consequence of these practices is the loss of fresh air ventilation in our homes. As the small gaps and open spaces are closed up, the ability to bring fresh air in through the home decreases.

Bringing fresh air into our homes to replace the stale air from outside is extremely important, as without proper ventilation, moisture can accumulate in your home and create health hazards with mould and mildew. Odours from cooking or general living can contribute to stagnant indoor air and appliances like gas ranges can leak poisonous gasses into your home.
Often, people will open some windows to let fresh air in, which works when the weather is nice but can be counterproductive in the winter—exchanging the stale air for fresh air comes at the expense of letting all the heat escape.
Think of an HRV as having an open window in your home to bring in fresh air without the drawback of letting warm air escape. When the unit is installed, heated air passes through the unit on its way outside, while fresh air comes in through an intake valve. The heat from the departing air is transferred to the fresh air—preheating it so it doesn’t enter at the outside temperatures. Most HRV units are able to capture up to 80% of the heat from the exhausted air.

Here is a little video to check out!

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