Winter is Coming! Day 1 of winterizing your home

Although it seemed like winter started in September this year, we do still have time to prepare for the frigid temperatures!


Let it snow!

With the inevitable winter ahead, there are a few things to think about before things freeze up. Winterizing your home doesn't have to be daunting, and is an important job that helps keep your home in tip-top shape.


Carrier Infinity Series


a) Check your furnace filter; if you haven't changed it since spring, you will likely need to replace it. Some of the new high-end furnaces indicate when the filter needs to be changed (such as the Carrier Infinity series), but many furnaces require you to check. The standard recommendation is to check (and/or replace) your furnace filter every 3 months, or 2 months if you have pets. Some can be cleaned and reused, while others are one-time use. To make it easy, buy a few at a time, so you will always have extras on hand. Remember to put the filter back in the with the arrows facing the direction of the air flow.

b) Clean the dust and debris from inside the furnace. This can be accomplished with a vacuum or call your local furnace cleaning company (remember to turn off the furnace before vacuuming!).

c) Check the exhaust and intake vents on the outside of the house and ensure there are no obstructions to the air flow. With a high efficiency furnace, this will need to be checked on cold days to ensure ice does not constrict air flow.


a) Check your humidifier filter. Replace it if needed, or clean it if possible.

b) Change the humidifier settings over to the winter setting. This makes sure the air running through the furnace will have moisture added from the humidifier.

Watch for more tips over the next weeks to help you get ready for winter!

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