Building Science

The construction of your custom home is where all the planning, creativity and personalization come to life. We take great pride in every detail of your home – from the smallest finishing to the overall functionality. We build all of our homes to stand the test of time and fully believe homes built by a Master Builder should be precisely that. Our level of build quality is one of the highest in the industry, but don’t take our word for it, ask our existing clients.

To Infiniti, Building Science means keeping up with the latest technology and innovations and implementing them within the design of our custom homes. We look at every detail of the building as a system and provide custom solutions that look and perform for you. All of our homes are examined and tested during the building process. Each home receives an Energuide rating, which demonstrates to our home owners how well the home performs. If you buy an Infiniti Master Builder home, you can rest easy knowing you have purchased one of the best built homes in the industry. To learn more about our specific building processes and innovation initiatives, visit one of our show homes.